Why Every Hockey Team Should Include Small Area Games in Practice

Hockey teams should never underestimate the importance of Small Area Games in their practice sessions. This type of activity allows players to practice specific situations and skills, which are essential for success during a hockey game. Small Area Games are designed to provide players with an intense and interactive practice session, as they are played on a smaller portion of the ice. This means that players can maximize their time on the ice and become more comfortable with the game. By incorporating Small Area Games into their practice regimen, hockey teams can benefit in many ways and improve their overall performance.

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How Hockey Trauma Affects a Child’s Love for the Game

Hockey trauma is a serious issue that can significantly alter the way a child enjoys the game. It can leave long-lasting effects on a child’s psyche and even cause them to eventually give up the game they once loved. When a child is consistently living in fear or lack of enjoyment at the rink, it makes them susceptible to absorbing their environment and can lead to hockey trauma. This trauma is something that must be addressed as soon as possible to ensure that children are able to continue to enjoy hockey for years to come.

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Breaking Down the Barriers of Hockey Culture Through Vulnerability

The long-standing culture of hockey has been defined by its toughness and strength. But beneath the surface, many athletes in the sport struggle with their mental health due to a lack of emotional vulnerability. By understanding the power of vulnerability, we can begin to break down these barriers and create a healthier and more sustainable hockey culture. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this shift in mentality can help create a more positive and successful atmosphere for both players and coaches in the hockey world.

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How To Influence Your Way To Victory – The Five Philosophies Of Coaching

One of many things I learned in my coaching seminars was how we give too much direction to our children as parents and coaches. And after listening to a podcast, they explained perfectly how to implement boundaries with teaching points. Allowing players to use their imagination and creativity to problem-solve and let the players come up with the answers, that we try to get across. When bringing this theory into real-life scenarios with one of my camps, I could see the results almost immediately with how much more motivated they were and the boost of teamwork and communication. Parents thought I had brainwashed their kids because they went home obsessing over the game.

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How To Maximize Practice

Hockey is growing at a rapid rate. More people are putting their kids in organized sports and extra circular sports, trying to keep them away from watching youtube and playing video games.

With interest growing, ice times are becoming more limited, causing the cost of ice to skyrocket. Unfortunately, this is more difficult for families to afford hockey camps so their kids can play at a higher level of competitiveness. 

As a coach, we need to take the 50 minutes a week we get for practice and utilize every second of the ice time.

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