Size Doesn’t Matter: Focusing on Strength for Hockey Success

Size is not the only factor to consider when it comes to hockey success; strength and conditioning are also essential. Strength training is a crucial part of preparing for a successful season on the ice, and it is important to focus on strength over muscle size when training for hockey. 

Developing a strong and well-conditioned body will help you become an all-around better hockey player, regardless of your size. In this blog post, we will be discussing the importance of strength and conditioning for hockey success, and how to focus on these elements in your training.

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The Importance of Multi-Sport Athletes in the Era of Year-Round Hockey

Hockey has become a year-round sport in the modern era. With the advent of summer hockey, kids are now playing year-round more than ever before. While it can be beneficial for some players to put their focus into a single sport, it is still important for children and young athletes to participate in multiple sports and activities. Doing so can help develop a variety of skills, reduce the risk of burnout, and create a well-rounded athlete. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why multi-sport athletes are important in the era of year-round hockey.

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How To Overtrain For Muscle Performance

Before studying scientific methods on training! Looking back, I was consistently training in a non-functional overreaching state because of negligence. I simply didn’t have the proper knowledge on how to train, causing me to push my body to the point that I created so much fatigue that recovery was hard to achieve and adaptation was non-existent.

Eventually, fatigue will rise enough to compromise your performance, causing your body to enter what we call overreaching

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How To Strength Train For Athletic Performance

I first started “pumping iron”, as my dad would call it when I was 14 years old. 

I never had a hot clue what I was doing, so I always had someone older to guide me through the exercises. While at the same time keeping an eye on the WHL trainer for the Wheat Kings, making players do countless sets of squats to build the muscles in their legs next to me. 

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